My Rules, a new book by Glen E. Friedman features some of the best of Glen’s photos from around the incarnation of skateboarding, hip hop and hardcore music. Iconic photos of Tony Alva, Rodney Mullen to Minor Threat and the Beastie Boys. Some are published here for the very first time. Watch Glen get together with longtime friend and collaborator Ian MacKaye at Dischord House, just outside of Washington DC, to discuss some of the photographs in Glen’s forthcoming book MY RULES.

You can pre order Glen E. Friedman’s My Rules here.

World renown photographer, Muir Vidler, has completely redone his website and it’s all there: a circumcision party in the Maldives, a wild boar butchering party in Sardinia, a meeting with Colonel Gaddafi, a trip to the Colombian rain forest with Shakira and even an entire section dedicated to the OG-est of Vans OGs, Tony Alva.