World renown photographer, Muir Vidler, has completely redone his website and it’s all there: a circumcision party in the Maldives, a wild boar butchering party in Sardinia, a meeting with Colonel Gaddafi, a trip to the Colombian rain forest with Shakira and even an entire section dedicated to the OG-est of Vans OGs, Tony Alva.

To introduce the special edition Vans x Star Wars collection (shoes and apparel) launching June 2014, we went to the Vans Off the Wall Skatepark in Huntington Beach, CA to film a skate contest set in 1980.  After legendary skateboarder Christian Hosoi finishes his run, a rookie wookiee (played by another legend — Steve Caballero) rips the bowl and receives mixed scores from the judges. Tony Alva, Jeff Grosso and Vans surf team riders Leila Hurst and Alex Knost can be seen cheering in the crowd alongside Stormtroopers, Jawas and Chewbacca.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What were some of the most influential skate teams, should backyard pools be kept secret or blown out, is skating an artform, what pro skaters have kids who are also pro skaters, who invented the 50-50, are backside roll ins scarier than frontside ones?” Then you need to tune into Season 5 of Off The’s Jeff Grosso’s Love Letters to Skateboarding premiering May 17th. Check out the trailer for just a hint of this season’s greatness.