Waffle Wednesday: Chris Pfanner Relocates To California

In case the onslaught of non-stop covers, coverage, interviews and tour articles of the Vans Team wasn’t enough to let you know we are not dicking around and are in full filming mode for the Vans Video, we decided to turn it up a notch with Chris Pfanner relocating to Hollywood for a few months to hop on daily filming missions with filmmaker Greg Hunt and Cody Green. We caught up with Pfannski for the latest Waffle Wednesday to discuss the move, his Thrasher cover, the Vans video and eating his son. Limbo lambo! 

When did you move over California, how long you staying and what prompted the move? 
I got to the California on the 1st of October and will be here until the beginning of December! We’re living in West Hollywood! I came out here with my family to enjoy the sun because the weather is starting to get rough back at home in Germany! And being out here, it makes it a bit easier for me to work on my video part for the vans video! 

Hows the family been adjusting to the move? 
They’re loving it! We got a great place with a nice garden and a lot of space! There is also a lot of stuff for them to discover and do out here! It’s actually a great place to be with the family! 

What do you miss most and least about Germany? 
I don’t miss the weather at all, that’s for sure! We’re starting to miss our family a little bit! But apart from that we have everything we need! As long as we are together, we feel at home anywhere! 

Have you found an authentic biergarten or schnitzel spot yet? 
We checked out this biergarten on La Brea but it was nothing comparable with what we have at home! It’s pretty hard to find anything comparable, as we are from biergarten capital of the world! And what is that Wienerschnitzel place! Total joke! They call themselves Wienerschnitzel and they don’t even have anything close to a Schnitzel. They sell hot dogs! 

How had filming been going to the Vans video prior to the move? 
I would say it’s been great! Since we started filming for the video we’ve been to a lot of epic places and have had a bunch of fun trips! I’ve been having fun skating and gathering some stuff, so all in all its been great! 

How’s filming been since moving over? How do you feel with your footage thus far? 
I’ve been having a blast! Having the family with me has been making things easier! Everything is really balanced! I can go and skate everyday and come home to see my family! And if I get broke off, I can just recoup, by doing some fun stuff with my family and stress less! I’ve been getting some good clips that I am really stoked on! 

Who do you think has the best footage so far and whose part are you most looking forward to? 
I think everyone has been killing it! I can’t really say! We have such a rad and powerful team and I’m just looking forward to what everyone has in store! It’s definitely gonna be heavy and gnarly in every way! 

You recently had a gnarly Thrasher cover. What’s the story behind that cover? 
Yeah, I finally made up for running my big mouth after 10 years! 10 years ago I was in Croatia with my best friend Muki and while on a bender we stumbled upon the double set and I told him that I could easily kickflip it! But with my tunnel vision the set looked smaller than it actually was! So the next morning Muki dragged me to the spot and bought me breakfast at a cafe, which was in the run up to the stairs! Being sober the thing looked really massive and I was so scared! But I had no other choice! I tried to ollie it and came up short! I landed on the last two steps and got broke off really bad! All to Mukis amusement! 
5 years later, we ended up there on a Vans trip! I backside ollied it and called Muki right afterward! He was stoked for me but told me right away that it was not what I actually claimed! It was haunting me until last May, when we did one more trip to Croatia for Thrasher
So the first day we got to Split, I went back there right away and tried to kickflip it! There were cars parked in the landing but I just wanted to get over it quickly! I landed on it after 3 goes and the board just exploded! It took me three days to recover from the slam and then I went back! After a few goes I broke another board and wanted to quit! But the whole crew encouraged me to have one last go while Chima Ferguson was setting up a new board for me! On that go I made it and was so relieved! The beers tasted so good after that! 

We just came off a rad 2-week Europe demo tour in September where we passed through Germany. What was the highlight of the trip for you? 
Yeah, the Europe trip was rad! We definitely had some good times on our double decker tour bus! Being in Liverpool with Geoff Rowley was definitely one of the highlights! And I got to experience how rough that place actually is! This guy tried to kick my ass after almost running me over with his car! I had a blast on the boat party in Hamburg! And having the family come pick me up from Berlin was great! 

I saw you were running Day of the Dead make up filming the other day. What did you and the family do for Halloween? 
Unfortunately we missed out on Halloween! We were looking forward to it so much! We had our costumes and everything prepared! Max likes cows, so we got him a cute cow costume with a bell, horns and everything! We were gonna dress as butchers! We are always running after him, so it would have worked out perfectly; the two butchers chasing that tender veal! Haha! But Max is teething heavily at the moment and got a high fever and a running stomach that day, so we couldn’t do anything! 
On the Day of the Dead we all painted our faces and went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where they were celebrating the Day of the Dead! It was so rad, everybody had great costumes and there were a lot of altars that people made for their beloved ones that had passed! I think it’s a great way of honoring the dead! Way better than going to sit in a church! 
Apart from that, we’ve been doing a bunch of stuff, you know things you go do as a tourist! We went to Disneyland, checked out Universal Studios and next week we’re gonna drive up the 1 to San Francisco! 

What’s your plans for the next year? 
I’m gonna come live out in California, to be able to work well on the video! Right now we still have the chance to move around and travel before we have to settle at home when the little man starts school! In Germany the kids start school at age 6 so we still have the next 4 years to roam around and that’s the plan!